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TB1212-CH (Also available in black)

tb1212 image Two year warranty
TB1212 Specifications
Frequency Response 27-120Hz
Tuning Passive Radiator
Amplifier Power 150W
Input High/Line
Output High/Line
Phase Switch0°/180°
Level ControlYes
Auto Turn-OnYes
Active Compression CircuitYes
Low Pass Slope24dB
Sub-sonic Filter18dB@25Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD)18" H x 15" W x 19-1/2" D

All of the DCM Time Bass subwoofers start with a handsome black ash finished cabinet. The drivers, which are color-matched to the cabinet, incorporate a stiff, composite paper cone, a construction which resists deformation from high pressure inside the internally braced enclosure and from forces transmitted by the voice coil.

Key features include active compression circuitry protection. Have you ever been over at a buddy's house watching STAR WARS during the pod race scene when an explosion hits and it sounds like 100 cats simultaneously coughing up fur balls? That's a prime example of an under-powered over-driven system without proper protection circuitry. Active compression evaluates the input signal and protects against harmful spikes to keep the amplifier from clipping.

Passive radiator is forward firing. Active driver is downward firing.
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