Time Frame Evolution

DCM TimeFrame Evolution speakers embrace the values that DCM was founded upon- craft a superior-quality speaker to pass all the emotion and verve that was captured in the original recording. Examine the new TFE series, and you'll see how much care went into creating such a speaker. Named after the legendary TimeFrame series of DCM loudspeakers, these new flagship models are built on the tradition of musical purity. Designed for 2-channel audiophile listening and then expanded to include models for today's listening environments- home theaters, architectural models, and multi-channel applications- these models never lose consistency or accuracy while adding flexibility.

Time Piece

The TimePiece series offers versatility unmatched for the price without ever sacrificing performance. All TimePiece models feature One Voice technology so they can be used in conjunction with the TimeFrame Evolution or TimeDomain lines and still blend in sonic character and voicing. Cabinets are bi-ampable and include an on-wall bipole/dipole surround. Architectural models offer level adjustments, pivoting tweeters, and include 8", 6.5", and 5.25" in-wall and in-ceilings. All TimePiece models utilize quality materials including Kevlar woofer cones and Teteron dome tweeters for reliability and accurate reproduction.

Time Domain

The TimeDomain speaker systems are built to impress. These models allow you to take the DCM dedication to clarity to anywhere you listen to music throughout your home. Adding these high performance pieces guarantees you a better, more accurate sound- that is consistent and matched with the high end TimePiece and TimeFrame Evolution series- even in distributed audio and secondary listening environments. TimeDomain even includes dual voice coil models for stereo sound in space conscious applications.

DCM Series

These heralded models are part of a rich history of awed auditory experience and astounding accuracy. The DCM series continues to tantalize listeners while blending sleek design with power-packed performance. Included here are the award winning DCM 26/16 towers and additional stealth custom install models for more options to suit everyone's needs.


DCM knows that home theater just isn't theater without bass- big bass. DCM has developed a series of powered subwoofers to reproduce all the LFEs (low frequency effects) you want to hear (or should we say feel) in your movies. TimeBass powered subwoofers are so mind-blowing that you can almost feel the floors vibrate and walls shake just by looking at them. Complement your custom installed or floor speakers to enhance any music or movie experience.

All Weather Speakers

Year round durability whatever the weather. That's because our TimeOut series, all-weather speaker were designed to adhere to stringent quality and durability standards. High power handling and undeniable reliability are sure to liven up the soundtrack to your patio parties.

Home Theater Packages

Looking for the easiest way to add DCM home theater performance to your system? Cinema Home Theater packages have everything you need to add a 5.1 audio system to your set-up. Just wire these speakers into your Home Theater receiver, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

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