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(PHOENIX, AZ, USA)- DCM Loudspeakers is pleased to announce that it has gone back to its roots to reinvent the legendary Time Frame series loudspeaker and create an even more dynamic, high fidelity speaker than ever before. The updated line, the Time Frame Evolution (TFE) series of loudspeakers, features the latest in home audio speaker design and manufacturing and will be presented at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The TFE series embraces the values that DCM was founded upon, high-quality products at a tremendous value. Take a look at the TFE series and you'll see how much effort went into the detail and construction of the cabinets. The crossovers are designed around only the highest quality components, and the imaging is unbelievable. DCM built this product from the ground up using proprietary DCM subwoofers, midrange speakers and tweeters to give you deep powerful bass, crisp, natural high frequency performance while allowing you to hear everything in between.

The tower of the TFE series contains a 6 1/2" Kevlar midrange coupled with a 35mm soft dome tweeter to provide you with an excellent acoustic experience. Two glass fiber cones located below the midrange and tweeter on the 45-inch tall speakers provide high damping capabilities for accuracy beyond belief. Perforated radiused steel grille encloses the cabinet while internally the cabinet is braced by a 1" thick MDF front baffle that reduces unwanted vibration and standing waves.

The TFE series loudspeaker was designed for the home theater and specialty arena to give you the kind of sound you would only expect to find in a theater. The rich Harmony Teak finish blends perfectly with almost any décor and at an MSRP of $999.95 a pair, this speaker presents an incredible value.

The Time Frame Evolution series is offered in two models, the TFE100 and TFE200 and will make its debut in booth #21724 in the South Hall of CES 2005.

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